Logan Featured Stories

Dr. Paul Dougherty
1990 Logan Graduate

Dr. Paul Dougherty’s introduction to chiropractic came in junior high when he witnessed a chiropractic physician treating his father’s back. Ever since then, Dr. Dougherty had his sights set on becoming a chiropractor.

“I’m one of those people who knew this was the only career I wanted to do,” he said. After earning his undergraduate degree in biology from Northwestern College in Iowa, Dr. Dougherty decided to enroll at Logan.

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Dr. Patricia Estrada
1999 Logan Graduate

The call to chiropractic came with a little pain for Patricia Estrada, DC.

Dr. Estrada was a student at William Woods in Fulton, Mo., struggling with a torn ACL when a friend’s mother urged her to seek out chiropractic help as part of her rehabilitation.  That experience, coupled with her research into the profession, encouraged her to learn more. “I felt like it made so much sense,” she says.  


  Dr. Rachel Bartlett
2001 Logan Graduate

Rachel Bartlett, DC, ART, LAc, CCSP has a love for sports and physical activities, which  drove her to earn an undergraduate degree in physical education at the University of New Brunswick in Canada. But it was when she was thinking about getting a graduate degree in physical therapy that the possibility of becoming a doctor of chiropractic began to make sense.

“At the time, I saw chiropractic as a profession that was becoming more and more necessary and the ability to heal the human body in a more natural way was appealing to me,” says Dr. Bartlett. 


Dr. Michelle Smith
2000 Logan Graduate

If there is a chapter in How to Win Friends and Influence People dedicated to health care, Dr. Michelle Smith might have written it.

She works in a rapidly emerging area of health care, where diverse providers deliver a holistic range of solutions designed to meet the needs of each specific patient.

 Dr. Smith joined the Mercy in 2002 to lead the Integrative Medicine and Therapy Services department, and while the Sisters of Mercy were strong supporters of integrative medicine, Smith said there was a healthy dose of skepticism about it among the physicians in charge of medical care. That quickly faded as physicians saw better outcomes among referred patients.


Dr. Mark Eavenson
1988 Logan Graduate

“What patients see when they walk through our doors is collaboration in practice,” said Dr. Mark Eavenson. “Our patients benefit from a team approach to health care.”

Dr. Eavenson’s health care team includes medical doctors, a physical therapist, nurses and, most recently, surgeons and their support staff who operate out of his new 16,000-square-foot surgery center.


  Linda Smith, DC, PC
August 1986 Logan Graduate

The need for chiropractic-based care has never been greater. This belief, held by Dr. Linda Smith, inspires her to build professional bridges that connect patients and health providers to chiropractic’s benefits.

Over the years, she’s taken her clinical experiences from private practice back to the classroom—first, teaching Logan students and, now, educating future medical doctors and physical therapists.