Featured Alumni

Dr. Mark Eavenson

1988 Logan Graduate

“What patients see when they walk through our doors is collaboration in practice,” said Dr. Mark Eavenson. “Our patients benefit from a team approach to health care.”

Dr. Eavenson’s health care team includes medical doctors, a physical therapist, nurses and, most recently, surgeons and their support staff who operate out of his new 16,000-square-foot surgery center. Employing his former training as a paramedic and registered nurse, Dr. Eavenson has created a patient-centered practice where access to a multitude of health care providers is achieved by simply walking through his office door. Perhaps, the most unique attribute of his practice model is that every health provider—from the medical physicians to the surgeons—reports to Dr. Eavenson.

In addition to providing his patients chiropractic care, he also acts as a health care navigator, ensuring patients efficiently access the most appropriate level of care. “Hiring medically and surgically trained providers is an expensive venture,” he said. “But with the right health care partners, the gain is a thriving and sustainable practice, patient results and a job you love. We’ve simply brought our referral network under one roof, so when, for instance, I discovered a patient was suffering from a pulmonary embolism upon examination, we were able to provide immediate, and quite possibly life-saving, care.”

Eavenson credits Logan for providing real-world training and effective chiropractic techniques. “Because of my Logan education, I can treat so many different ailments within my scope of practice, literally from head to toe, without surgical or pharmaceutical interventions. I couldn’t do that in my previous health care careers.”