Dr. Patricia Estrada

The call to chiropractic came with a little pain for Patricia Estrada, DC.

Dr. Estrada was a student at William Woods in Fulton, Mo., struggling with a torn ACL when a friend’s mother urged her to seek out chiropractic help as part of her rehabilitation.  That experience, coupled with her research into the profession, encouraged her to learn more. “I felt like it made so much sense,” she says.  

For Dr. Estrada, visiting Logan made the difference.  “I was impressed from the beginning. The campus draws you in and the strong focus on fundamental science was very appealing.”  She says she looked at other schools, but Logan’s combination of philosophy coupled with the art and science of chiropractic won her over.

Looking back on her time at Logan, Dr. Estrada shares perspective for prospective students. “This is a choice you cannot take lightly. This is a rewarding yet challenging career.  Many of us are small business owners as well as care givers, so go into it with your eyes wide open.” While she found the academics challenging, she also found an equally strong sense of community.  She credits strong relationships with fellow students as a contributing factor for her success at Logan.

Following graduation, the native of El Salvador put her healing skills to work in Costa Rica before starting a practice in St. Louis.  She fondly recalls the nights painting the office, hosting wellness events to build a patient base and creating an established practice.  Only the premature birth of her twin sons could slow her down; ultimately making the choice to be a stay-at-home mom for two years. 

In 2010, a perfect offer came through from Logan inviting Dr. Estrada to serve in the Logan clinics as a clinician. “I loved having patients again, freshening my skills and working with the students. I learned so much from them about what they were learning.” That re-introduction to clinic life helped push her back into private practice, this time with a focused commitment on serving the Hispanic community.

“We continue to see such a large disparity with the Hispanic community, so I am putting a lot of energy into getting the word out about the benefits of chiropractic.” She partners with local Hispanic media, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and gives in-practice classes to build awareness of her new endeavor.

She feels the future of chiropractic is even stronger today than when she graduated. “I hear about more Logan interns going into more diverse opportunities every day,” she says. These opportunities alone enrich the profession that we serve.